Intramural 2016 for fun

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College – Alijis was celebrating the intramural and everyone should participate in the competition. The particular department has an identification like for example the color of each course is distinctive and have names to represent the course.

In order to cheer up the course of every department for the opening of the games or competition the cheer dancers will have to perform on the quadrangle together with the tribe bands to make it lively.


As a high light for the events there will be a Mr. and Ms. Intramural to represent their every course. Yet beforehand the participants of the competition on either cultural or sports must finish the game with an awards in which they did the very best of their capability also with enjoyment.



They include live band to have more entertainment so when pupils at the college will stroll they have much to watch on.


To represent our candidates for the search of beauties and brains. Moreover, the charm they had been inherited caught audience or may numbers of people to vote them to be on place. However, only one will be chosen for both feminine and masculine.


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