Intercampus 2016 Of CHMSC

CHMSC celebrate their intercampus last September 26-30, 2016. All campus gathered to witness  the event. On the first day CHMSCians was so excited in their parade. Every branch of the campuses has unique talent which they boost it confidently in cheer dance, sports and in cultural event.

They highly appreciate the effort of each participant which they participate in their activities.


As you can see in this picture the member of this sports was give their very best and show on their campuses that they will win in the event.

The sport of football was held at the field of CHMSC Main-Talisay. The opponent of CHMSC Alijis football player is CHMSC Main which the CHMSC Main got the title on their game. Alijis football player was failed to won the game but according to them it’s okay because they give their best to prove that CHMSC Alijis are good in sportsmanship.










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