Intriguing games of 4 campuses of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College – Alijis 2016

It was an amazing day for everyone to celebrate, the meeting of the four campuses of CHMSC which are Binalbagan, Talisay, Fortune Towne and Alijis. The competition was held in Talisay campus; dated on September 19 until 23 2016. Beforehand of the competition the participants of the games really prepared themselves to win the trophy and will bring the beacon for the College. Distinctive games were been played which may either indoor or outdoor. It were fascinating to watched the games since it can make you startle or view some verdicts on which team will win.

The supporters of the players of each campus was cheering them up to boost their self-esteem. Furthermore,  with the help of drinking and eating to gain strength gave them the capability to fight and restore their energy.

Through aiming to win the game, the inexorable appetite became a reason to be still in the game. So the game will continue until the awarding. And may the best team win.

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