Live Consciously

b.jpgWe act mostly out of habit. We are driven by our ‘conditioning’ – the beliefs, values, attitudes and patterns of thought and action we’ve accumulatedunconsciously over a lifetime.

We stay on ‘automatic pilot,’ letting our ingrained habits dictate our responses to the events and circumstances of life. We brush our teeth and build our reputations with scarcely any conscious attention.

Meanwhile our undisciplined mind floats about in the past and future, remembering and imagining; rarely rooted in the present moment.

Most people spend large chunks of their time in a ‘semi-conscious’ state. They navigate their their lives in default mode, their actions displaying drift rather than direction. Daring only to daydream.

But this disconnectedness is a form of denial that holds you back from becoming all you are capable of being. Why?

The reason is simple. Your unconscious mind doesn’t want you messing about taking control of your life and trying to change things. Change is unpredictable.

Your unconscious mind fears change. Genetically programmed by evolution to seek safety and survival, your unconscious mind prefers the security of familiar ground. It likes being snug in your comfort zone. To be stuck in a rut is ideal.

Your unconscious mind uses many tricks to get you to stay put. It will sabotage your attempts at personal change for example by reinforcing your limiting beliefs, persuading you that you’re ‘not good enough’ to attempt challenging goals, or that they are too risky and too much is at stake.

When you choose to live consciouslyyou determine to take your unconscious mind head-on. Get ready for a fight.

As soon as you try to place yourself in control, to choose the person you will become, and what you will do with your life, your unconscious mind will become alarmed.

“She’s at it again,” your unconscious mind will think. “Better find a way to stop her before this gets dangerous.”

Healthy habit number 1 will empower you to defeat your conscious mind. Learn more about Healthy Habit 1, live consciously, here.



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